Antonio Ballada

Born in Milan in 1944.

Graduated in Industrial Chemistry with honors from Milano University in 1968 and in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milano in 1972.


2010-to now:
  • Executive Vice President in FasTech ( technology company active in the elastomers and plastics industries.

  • Member of the Board in the Consultants Professional Association (APCO).

  • Principal of ABCS Consulting Services, offering a wide range of consulting services to medium/small companies looking for Interim Management and in particular looking for business opportunities in China/Taiwan

  • Member of the Consultants Professional Association (APCO) with the task of coordinator for the Professional Division of Experts for Internationalization.

  • Lecturer at Bocconi University and Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI) on various subjects related to business management in China

  • Honorary Chairman of Minerals Co. Taiwan

  • Member of the Board of China Catalyst Ltd. Hong Kong

2001-2003: responsible, with base in Brussels, for development and implementation of Basell (BASF/SHELL JV) ventures and initiatives in PR of China and Taiwan, through top-level contacts and negotiations.

1999-2000: Senior VP of the Licensing and Catalysts Division of Montell (Montedison/SHELL JV) in Milano. 
  • reorganization of the division intruducing a market oriented approach;

  • development and implementation of a strategy to face the new competitive situation.

1995-1999: President of Taiwan Polypropylene, Public Company in Taiwan.
  • management of the $200 Mil sales company with positive results each year;

  • restructuring and business process redesign with introduction of SAP software;

  • 30% capacity increase;

  • establishment of a new subsidiary in Hong Kong.

1994-1995: President of Himont Italia (Hercules/Montedison JV), Milano

1993-1994: C.E.O. of Antibioticos Group, a Montedison Group company, Milano.
  • management of the $300 Mil sales Company and achievement of the first bottom-line positive result after 5 yrs losses;

  • development and implementation of a medium term strategic plan including the formation of a manufacturing JV in China.

1988-1993: Vice President Functional Chemicals in Himont Inc., Wilmington, De (USA).

  • development and implementation of a plan for entering the Specialty Chemicals business as a diversification of the Company;

  • management of the Catalyst business and settlement of important patent litigation involving Asia counterparts.

1985-1988: Corporate Strategy responsible of Montedison Group, Milano.
  • complete reshaping of business portfolio.
1981-1985: General Manager of RETIPOLEN S.p.A., a Montedison Group company, Milano.
  • 25% cost reduction in one year.


  • Experienced in Legal Entity responsibility management in Europe, USA and China.

  • Extensive network of specialists in various business activities.

  • Extensive network of relationship in China and Taiwan.


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  • Preparation and Properties of Monomers, Polymers and Composite, Nova Science, NY, 2006.

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